One of the best parts of my work is the collaboration that we have with charities. There are so many small charities that do amazing work for some fabulous people.

I want to do as much as possible to promote the work of these charities, who often provide unique and much needed support. If you have ever heard me speak at an event, you will have heard me talk about the charities with whom we work.

Charities need funds in order to do their good work. We’d like to donate some of our proceeds to the charity of your choice. Each charity has chosen a product best suited to the needs of those affected by cancer and helped by them. Using a coupon code unique to the charity, we will donate directly to them.

30% of the product price from each purchase is donated to the named charity.  You can read more about the charities, their work and the work we do together on the individual charity pages.

If you know of other charities that would like to be featured here, please ask. We would be delighted to hear about and share the good work of others.

Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK’s online shop showcases a wide range of thoughtful and unique collections so you can say more with your gift giving. Cancer Care Collection Using real patient feedback, we’ve handpicked a range of helpful little things to make people going through cancer feel like themselves again. We know everybody’s journey through cancer is […]

Ovarian Cancer Action

“Action. One third of our name and 100% of what we’re about. And while we’re talking numbers, here’s another: one woman dies in the UK from ovarian cancer every two hours. In fact, other cancers, such as breast cancer, had better survival rates two generations ago than ovarian cancer does today. We’re following two routes […]

Head Wrappers

HeadWrappers is a hair loss advisory service, focusing on alternatives to wigs and practical tips. Our aim is to help people look good and feel more confident about themselves as they undergo cancer treatments which may cause hair loss. HeadWrappers was founded by a group of volunteers who originally worked as part of Breast Cancer […]

Mummy’s Star

We love Mummy’s Star, not only do they provide practical support to women who are going through an unspeakably difficult time, they lobby parliament, educate health professionals and take no messing. Jennifer’s favourite speaking event is the Annual Mummy’s Star Conference for Health Care Professionals. Jennifer is also honoured to be considered as the person […]

Ellie’s Friends

Ellie’s Friends offer frequent freebies for adults (16+) living with cancer, including theatre tickets, hotel stays, holistic therapies and beauty, CD and book bundles. For more information visit or follow on twitter @elliesfriends We have a lot in common with Ellie’s Friends. It is a shared aim to promote the services of therapists able to help those […]

The Lewis Foundation

The Lewis Foundation’s aim is to provide comfort and happiness to cancer patients in Northamptonshire. They achieve this by making on average 80-100 monthly gift bag donations to adult cancer patients staying in Talbot Butler Ward at Northampton General Hospital who are receiving treatment for cancer. This is to give patients something nice to look […]

Shine Cancer Support

Shine exists exclusively to support adults in their 20s, 30s and 40s who have experienced a cancer diagnosis. There is never a good time to have cancer, but we know that younger adults face different issues than their older or younger counterparts – and that many of these are not dealt with by traditional cancer […]

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

When you support Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, you are supporting the only UK lung cancer charity. Lung cancer is the UK’s biggest cancer killer of both men and women with one person dying from the disease every 15 minutes. It kills more people than breast, prostate and pancreatic cancer combined. It kills more women […]

Womb Cancer Support UK (WCSUK)

Womb Cancer Support UK (WCSUK) is a national not for profit organisation that supports women who have been diagnosed with womb cancer and also works to raise much needed awareness of the 4th most common female cancer in UK. Started in April 2011 by womb cancer survivor Kaz Molloy, WCSUK is based on Isle of Bute, […]


Jennifer went to school just around the corner from Sunflowers. A visit to the gorgeous centre is a trip home and back in time. The accents mean home, the humour means home and the route was Jennifer’s school bus route. Jennifer loves going to Sunflowers. Sunflowers also provides the Liverpool venue for the Jennifer Young Training […]

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