Womb Cancer Support UK (WCSUK)

Womb Cancer Support UK (WCSUK)

Womb Cancer Support UK (WCSUK) is a national not for profit organisation that supports women who have been diagnosed with womb cancer and also works to raise much needed awareness of the 4th most common female cancer in UK.

Started in April 2011 by womb cancer survivor Kaz Molloy, WCSUK is based on Isle of Bute, off of the west coast of Scotland and covers the whole of the UK.  Using social media to reach out to women, they have a private chat group on Facebook where women who have been diagnosed can communicate and support each other.  Via the main Facebook page, their website and Twitter they disseminate information about the risk factors and symptoms of womb cancer to help raise much needed awareness.

Since they started in 2011 they have distributed over 15,000 awareness leaflets round the UK, helping to spread the word and raise awareness about womb cancer and also the support they offer to women who have been diagnosed.

Their website can be found here http://wombcancersupportuk.weebly.com/  and the FB page here https://www.facebook.com/WombCancerSupportUK/


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