The Lewis Foundation

The Lewis Foundation

The Lewis Foundation’s aim is to provide comfort and happiness to cancer patients in Northamptonshire. They achieve this by making on average 80-100 monthly gift bag donations to adult cancer patients staying in Talbot Butler Ward at Northampton General Hospital who are receiving treatment for cancer.

This is to give patients something nice to look forward to whilst in hospital and also take their mind of thinking about cancer. They do a wide variety of gift bags catering for both men and women, which ranges from beauty packs, magazine packs, radio packs, jigsaw packs, adult colouring book packs etc.

Their money is raised by people in a variety of ways by taking part in marathons, fun runs and coffee mornings. They also receive donation of items from individuals and companies to include within our gift bags.

30% of the product cost will donated to this charity. We’ve carefully matched The Lewis Foundation with one of the products from our Defiant Beauty range – find it here

When purchasing this product enter code ‘lewisfoundation’ to ensure 30% of the product cost is donated to this charity.

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