Jennifer went to school just around the corner from Sunflowers. A visit to the gorgeous centre is a trip home and back in time. The accents mean home, the humour means home and the route was Jennifer’s school bus route. Jennifer loves going to Sunflowers.

Sunflowers also provides the Liverpool venue for the Jennifer Young Training School

Sunflowers is a down to earth, pop in for a cuppa and have a natter (whilst holding an owl? Don’t ask) centre which caters for the people of Liverpool. The interior is beautifully welcoming, adorned with cushions made by the very talented manager Emma.

To find out more about this charity, click here.


30% of the produce cost is donated to this charity. We’ve carefully chosen a product from the Defiant Beauty range and matched it to Sunflowers. Find out what it is here

When purchasing this product enter code ‘sunflowers’ to ensure 30% of the product cost is donated to this charity.

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