Ovarian Cancer Action

Ovarian Cancer Action

“Action. One third of our name and 100% of what we’re about.

And while we’re talking numbers, here’s another: one woman dies in the UK from ovarian cancer every two hours. In fact, other cancers, such as breast cancer, had better survival rates two generations ago than ovarian cancer does today. We’re following two routes to achieve change: awareness raising and scientific research. We’re campaigning to improve understanding of symptoms among the public and the GPs. That’s where we can make the quickest impact. Our biggest impact, though, comes from our main area of focus: scientific research. Since 2006, we’ve funded £12.3 million of research projects, opened the pioneering Ovarian Cancer Action Research Centre, and continued to run our HHMT International Forum on Ovarian Cancer, which brings together the world’s leading scientists to share knowledge and determine priorities. Now we’re taking action to fund the next generation of research.”

Find out more about:  https://ovarian.org.uk/ 

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