My Name is NOT Cancer

My Name is NOT Cancer

MNINC was one of the first charities that we ever collaborated with. The aims of the charity are so close to our own – cancer should not be allowed to take over ones life.

My Name Is NOT Cancer is a cancer support organisation that encourages you to retain your identity despite the enormity of a cancer diagnosis. We understand how important it is to be your own person, with your own beliefs, dreams and ambitions for life. Cancer does not define you: you can still be you!


YOU STAND OUT… your illness doesn’t!

Celebrate your identity and let it define the real you.

Survivorship starts NOW!

No matter what challenges lie ahead, you are surviving every day!

Communication is key!

Be empowered to ask the questions that matter to you!


“We understand you were a person with a life before your diagnosis and you must believe you will still be you throughout your treatment and beyond. The struggle is being the person with a life separate from cancer whilst being in the grip of the illness.” – Fiona Fletcher, CEO My Name Is NOT Cancer.

To find out more about My Name is NOT Cancer, click here.

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