Mamma HELP

Mamma HELP

Mamma HELP, founded in 1999, is a national non-profit breast cancer patients organization in the Czech Republic. It offers support to women with breast cancer as well as to their family members and friends once diagnosis turns their lives upside down. Mamma HELP supports women mostly on a psychological basis – the already cured women, now psychotherapists, take care of the newly diagnosed in one of the eight Mamma HELP centers across the whole country.


Another focus is to provide information on breast cancer and its prevention through public lectures, handed out brochures and leaflets, teaching breast examination and organizing several events and projects for public to raise awareness for breast cancer, eg. Make a knot to remind preventive breast check, How to talk with my children about my diagnosis, Run for good, Pinktober and much more.


We are ECPC (European Cancer Patients Coalition) active member and welcome cooperation with other breast cancer organizations worldwide.


To find out more about Mamma HELP, click here

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