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Aug 28, 2019

Showcase your work – specialist skincare for cancer patients and oncology massage therapy

Well, it is 2019. 2019 is the year of Instagram. I know, I’m not much for it either, but I am learning. I am learning that a lot of people spend a lot of time on Instagram and it is much more informative and interactive than expected (I can feel the collective office eyes rolling – they are all insta girls). […]

Aug 27, 2019

I was prepared for the cancer treatment but not an instant menopause at 43

I was prepared for the cancer treatment but not an instant menopause at 43. Jo, mum of two, was 43 when her cancer symptoms first started to manifest themselves, bleeding so heavy that she was unable to continue to work as well as excruciating pain.  Jo was refused treatment for nearly 12 months, despite being […]

Aug 27, 2019

I wanted to let you know that you have changed my life – I cannot overemphasize how much finding Defiant Beauty has meant to me

Kay had no inkling of the challenge she was about to face until a routine mammogram in September 2012. Doctors carried out a biopsy after finding a small abnormality beneath her right breast. Kay was told that it was unlikely to be malignant but within days she received the devastating call. A lumpectomy and another […]

Aug 27, 2019

My Hands Are Human Again – No Pockets Needed

As if being diagnosed and treated for Womb Cancer wasn’t bad enough, Debra Parry, 53, discovered that her skin suffered enormously as a result. Debra wasn’t prepared for the changes to her skin that would accompany the cancer and cancer treatment. 3 years after treatment, Debra was beginning to think that the ‘dry, scaly skin’ […]

Aug 27, 2019

Now I Can Fasten My Daughter’s Baby Grow Without Pain

Emma’s diagnosis came soon after she discovered that she was pregnant for the first time. Emma had a pain in her side, the GP suspected gallstones, a scan found tumours in her liver.  Further investigation discovered that Emma’s cancer had spread from her bowel. Emma had a life expectancy of 6 months unless she started […]

Aug 27, 2019

A friend recommended Defiant Beauty Lip Balm. The improvement was incredible.

Sally, 43, has been hit by a double whammy – extremely sensitive skin and a tendency to get cold after cold through the winter. As we all know, constant nose blowing can cause dry sore skin around the nose. Add to sore, dry, cracked lips and Sally was suffering. This is bad enough for each […]

Aug 27, 2019

I haven’t slept properly in 24 years

  Tracy Barlow, mum of two and therapist at Spa attended one of the Jennifer Young Therapist training courses at Ragdale Hall, and discovered first-hand the positive effect the Jennifer Young Oncology Massage had on her long-standing sleep problem. Knowing that many people affected by cancer have difficulty sleeping, Tracy will be whole-heartedly recommending this […]

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