Oncology Massage

Sep 2, 2019

My Valentine? The NHS

12 months ago today my daughter was discharged from hospital after emergency surgery. I wrote a newsletter on the ‘big day’ last year. I think Valentine’s Day will always remind me of the kind care we received at the hands of the NHS. True Love. 12 months later my daughter thrives, is ‘enjoying’ her A […]

Sep 2, 2019

What is accreditation or should that be approval?

Why choose an accredited course, training provider or a therapist who has an accredited qualification? When I started creating our Post Graduate Diploma Courses I didn’t know very much about accreditation or accrediting bodies. I was a member of a few professional bodies but probably couldn’t have articulated my reasons for joining. As I created […]

Sep 2, 2019

Beauty & Holistic Therapies and the ‘c’ word Why is cancer contraindicated for holistic and beauty treatments?

I came to holistic and beauty therapies late. After working in science and hard facts for a long time, coaching at all levels within large organisations, it was time for a change & therapies was the change. I was taught, as are we all, that cancer is contraindicated for most therapies (well done to reflexology […]

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