Mineral Make Up - Jennifer Young
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Mineral Make Up

Our aim is to help you Recognise Yourself as you go through your treatment for cancer. With the help of experts we have developed a high-end cosme...

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Cooling Gloves and Slippers - Jennifer Young

Cooling Gloves and Slippers

The Ice Age is Over By Jennifer Young Chemotherapy attacks cells within your body as well as your tumour cells. As a result, side-effects like na...

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Why me? Dear...Someone - Jennifer Young

Why me? Dear...Someone

Dear Someone, I needed to write a letter, to off load the craziness in my head. I don't want to be strong anymore. I feel like the archetypal swan;...

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Skincare after diagnosis - Jennifer Young

Skincare after diagnosis

Jennifer answers some all important questions for a magazine interview with 'your magazine' How will my skin change during treatment and is it inev...

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An Introduction to Exercise - Jennifer Young
depression from the diagnosis

An Introduction to Exercise

To most people the idea of taking part in exercise means getting sweaty and out of breath, with a pumping heart rate, lots of hard work, and feeli...

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