An Introduction to Exercise | Jennifer Young

An Introduction to Exercise

To most people the idea of taking part in exercise means getting sweaty and out of breath, with a pumping heart rate, lots of hard work, and feeli...

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10 Reasons to Cleanse | Jennifer Young

10 Reasons to Cleanse

I am often asked about skincare routines and the best way to look after skin. We all know that everyone is unique and there are many different skin...

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Chemo Skin | Jennifer Young

Chemo Skin

We know all about chemo skin-do you? Patients know to expect nausea and possibly hair loss as chemotherapy side-effects but it seems that they are ...

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Scalp Care | Jennifer Young

Scalp Care

How to look after your scalp Scalps need love – Many of you tell me that you don’t want to look at your scalp but you will feel the benefit of g...

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Appearance Advice Line | Jennifer Young

Appearance Advice Line

Appearance Advice Line Use our free appearance advice line we can help you to ‘Recognise Yourself’. Our appearance advice line can support you as...

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Choosing Cosmetics | Jennifer Young

Choosing Cosmetics

Environmental chemicals can be found in most everyday cosmetics, studies have linked these ingredients to weight gain. The Defiant Beauty range ha...

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Radiation Damaged Skin | Jennifer Young

Radiation Damaged Skin

Radiotherapy, also known as radiation treatment, is the controlled use of high energy X-rays to treat many different types of cancer. About 4 ou...

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Wig Fitting | Jennifer Young

Wig Fitting

We have many years experience fitting wigs at our positive appearance centres in Dublin; Here are my top tips! People often just plonk thei...

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