Gifts for cancer patients – Part 3




Hands are one part of the body that are most obviously affected by treatments for cancer, the skin around your nails can become very sore and some of the drugs used to treat breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer and womb cancer cause damage to the nails as a side-effect of the cancer treatment. (You can find out more about nail damage during cancer treatment here.)


Look after your hands and feet – Your hands and feet may become tired and dry during cancer treatment. Moisturise hands/feet regularly during the day and try covering with a soothing balm or oil made from natural ingredients. Use the balm or oil before bed and wear cotton gloves and socks when you are sleeping.


Look after your nails – Unfortunately problems with your finger and toe nails can be common in the weeks and months into your treatment and can continue after too. Your nails may become dry and brittle. Try to avoid biting your nails and don’t use fake nails, extensions or wraps and wear gloves whilst doing chores. Regular use of nail oil has been shown to improve nail condition during treatment.


We have put together gift sets specifically designed to help you look after and maintain your hands and feet.


Hand Care Kit – Product Value £60 – RRP £50.

Mentioned in Gifts for Cancer Patients – Part 2, our Hand Care kit contains the hand care essentials. Our Hand Balm is delicately scented with Frankincense, Orange and Neroli essential oils and is one of our most popular products. We hear fabulous things about it from our customers.

“Wow wow and wow!!! You are probably think not another gushing review, but I always speak the truth. This product is amazing . I thought it was just coincidental, my nails instantly felt firmer, but I bought the product for my mum and she said the exact same. Since my cancer, hydro and instant menopause my nails are awful, they split and break, sometimes even get chalky and crumbly. I have been using the oil for only a few day but already have results, they haven’t peeled or crumbled and have actually grown!! Normally it takes weeks to get any growth when my nails are bad. I have taken pics of my nails before and will post one after a week, it is amazing xxxxx -JH- Sheffield



Foot Care Kit – Product Value £60 – RRP £50.

Similar to the Hand Care Kit above but designed for the feet. This kit contains our divine Mild Mint Foot Balm. Some clients tell us of the skin on the feet becoming sore and flaking as a side effect of some cancer treatments. Defiant Beauty Mild Mint Foot Balm is both light and moisturising. Many cancer patients are advised to cover their feet in a thick layer of balm and to cover them in cotton socks. We have taken this advice into account when formulating and have created a multi-tasking balm that will be absorbed when a small amount is applied; allowing you to continue with everyday tasks. The Defiant Beauty Balm will, when applied in a thick layer and covered with cotton socks, provide a more intensive moisturising experience.

“As always a quality product, as soon as I opened the jar the smell was delicious. I have o my been using it a couple of days but I’m already impressed, my feet feel smoother, it has also helped the rough skin on my hands, double bonus. I’ve ordered another pot for my mum as she’s tried it too and loved it just as much as me xxxxx “J.H. – Derbyshire



Home Miniature Manicure Set product value £71 – RRP £60

This gift collection contains products formulated to help cancer patients to address some of the dry skin side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. It also doubles as a smart little pamper pack.

The Home Miniature Manicure Set  contains a gorgeous organic cotton wash bag, Defiant Beauty Healing Hand Balm, our Nail Oil, a HJ Manicure Nail Varnish in your choice of colour, and Recognise Yourself by Jennifer Young.

Undergoing treatment should not mean sacrificing the little rituals that help you to feel good about yourself and this Home Mini Mani kit is there to help you. The nail varnish included are all 5 free. Meaning that they do not contain Free from Toluene, Formaldehyde, Dibutylphthalate (DBP), Camphor and Formaldehyde Resin. They’re also vegan and like all the products at Beauty Despite Cancer, cruelty free.

Don’t forget to let us know which colour nail varnish you’d like.


Home Miniature Pedicure Set product value £71 – RRP £60

Give your feet a treat – The Home Mini Pedi set contains our Defiant Beauty Mild Mint Foot Balm, HJ Manicure nail varnish (in a colour of your choice), our luxurious Nail Oil, contains a gorgeous organic cotton wash bag from Izzi Rainey, and Recognise Yourself by Jennifer Young. The Mild Mint foot balm is multitasking and can be used as a mask overnight (simply cover your feet in the balm and then wear a pair of breathable cotton socks to bed) or apply a small amount and massage into your feet for a rejuvenating treat.  Just one drop of the nail oil should be enough for all ten of your toe nails, once this has dried simply paint your toenails with the HJ Manicure nail varnish and then put your feet up and settle down with Recognise Yourself by Jennifer Young whilst your toes dry.

“Just a quick email to tell you how moved I was by reading your book. I have just finished it and I’m in tears.

I know there are many motivational books to help ladies going through cancer treatment but yours offers a different type of motivation, a motivation for strong, courageous women to continue to look after their femininity and beauty in the face of illness and brutal treatment. And for the women who didn’t look after themselves as they should before diagnosis, they will be all the better equipped for having your book.

I wish I could give it to every single woman diagnosed with cancer.

Looking forward to meeting you one day (hopefully sooner than later)”  GW – Australia

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