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We know that this is a time when you want to do the best thing for your health and that you do not want to interfere with your treatment.

If you have any concerns you should discuss them with your health care team. The following is not medical advice. 

How To Help When Someone Tells You They Have Cancer

When a loved one tells you they have received a cancer diagnosis you know that for them it’s a life changing experience and they will have some huge challenges to face. One of these challenges can be telling the people they  love; knowing how to help when someone close to you tells them they have […]

Appearance Advice Line

Appearance Advice Line Use our free appearance advice line we can help you to ‘Recognise Yourself’. Our appearance advice line can support you as you go through treatment. Cancer treatment results in a changed appearance for many, often causing hair loss, damage to nails as well as dry, sore, itchy, sensitive skin1. Many are ill […]

Beneficial Ingredients

There is a strong link between some cosemetic ingredients and breast cancer as well as short-term health effects, like eczema, dermatitis, skin-reddening and soreness. Selecting products with beneficial natural oils can help your skin to stay healthy as well as regain its appearance after suffering the effects of illness and treatments. Beneficial Ingredients, also known […]

3 types of UV radiation from the sun you should know about

I thought sun protection was easy – put on the sun cream, a natural sun cream for me please, stay in the shade from 1100 – 1500 and all will be well (assuming I re-apply regularly and after bathing). It seems all is not quite so straightforward.   There are three types of radiation that […]

Caring for Radiation Damaged Skin

Nothing focuses the mind more than a presentation to an entire oncology, (chemotherapy and radiotherapy) department. I was lucky enough to have been invited to speak at The Beacon Hospital in Dublin and was been given free choice of the subjects to be covered in my 90 minute workshop. Free choice? What a challenge! There are so […]

Skincare after diagnosis

Jennifer answers some all important questions for a magazine interview with ‘your magazine’ How will my skin change during treatment and is it inevitable that my skin will suffer? There are many different types of cancer, a huge range of treatments and many side-effects of those treatments – not everyone will experience all side-effects. However, […]

Nails can be damaged during treatment for cancer

It has been one of those weeks. The highlight was a quick trip to Dublin, as is the way of my life, I was there for work but, oh, what a lovely time I had. I’ve been in the office for most of the rest of the week – speaking to loads of lovely people […]

Why me? Dear…Someone

Dear Someone, I needed to write a letter, to off load the craziness in my head. I don’t want to be strong anymore. I feel like the archetypal swan; looking together on top of the water and paddle like hell underneath. As I sit here, I wonder if I were to spin a coin would […]

There is more to cancer than the colour pink!

If I asked you what the colour was for appendix cancer or oesophageal cancer – would you know? But I bet you know what the colour is for breast cancer, right? You can’t move during October for all things pink!!! The month is often referred to as “Pinktober” as companies try to cash in, sorry, […]

‘Cancer Patients are set adrift when cancer treatment is over, there is no safety net, what if they fall?’

Again and again those who have been through cancer treatment tell me that they don’t know what to do next. From the moment they were diagnosed until the moment their cancer treatment ended they were on a clear and well- defined path. As soon as they got to the end of the path there was […]

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