Upping my lockdown game – skincare for cancer patients and online oncology massage training

I make no secret that I am loving the lockdown life – I spend my work time developing ideas for online oncology massage training and furthering skincare for cancer patients projects. My non-work day is spent running (early), cooking , clearing out parts of our house, which have needed to be sorted for years, and generally being with my fam.

Other residents while away their hours painting, improving their language skills, rowing (on the patio rowing machine), gardening and watching Netflix (we do a lot of that – I could have cried when Line of Duty disappeared).

After chatting with my brother, I have identified a clear need to up my lockdown game.

He spent his day (with his kids)

  • Firing mentos through a pvc tube (and trying to catch them in their mouths until they realised the force with which they were being fired was leaving dents in the wall)
  • Taking it in turns to dance with the dog in true ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ style
  • Tormenting our aged (she won’t thank me for that), fully isolating, mother

My 6 year old niece was coached into making a call to Nana

Niece ‘ Hi Nana’

Nana ‘ Hiya love (general chat) where’s your Dad’

Niece ‘he’s out shopping’

Nana ‘who’s looking after you?’

Niece ‘no-one, it’s just me and the dog’

Nana ‘ what are you doing?’

Niece ‘lighting fires’

My bro holds a match beneath the smoke alarm

Nana (isolating) ‘I’m on  my way’

Apparently, Nana didn’t see the funny side. I haven’t stopped laughing since Uncle JB related the tale.

We are moving on from gardening and Netflix – beware.

Please do let me know if you have any ideas.

Sending mischief


All planned courses will be delivered online (by me) with full face to face refresher as soon as we are able to welcome you to a training centre.

Oncology Massage:
LONDON – 20th April 2020
MANCHESTER – 19th May 2020

Face and Body Treatments:
LONDON – 11th + 12th May 2020

Rejuvenating and Lifting Facial:
MANCHESTER – 29th April 2020

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