Try something new – massage for cancer patients

0700 Sunday; we were off.  Volleyball mum at the wheel.

The radio accompanied me on the 3 hour drive as my volleyballer youngest slept.

‘Try something new’  was the advice being given by the neuroscientist author being interviewed. This, according to his research, will maintain and improve cognitive function as we age. It reminded me of advice given at the Living Well Sessions at one of the Harley Street Cancer Hospitals I work with – their advice was to try something new every day, always to be inquisitive and to remain open minded.

Exercise was also promoted by both the cancer hospital and the neuroscientist, perhaps for different reasons, but with the same positive outcome. Improved or maintained cognitive function in the case of the author; improved outcome of cancer treatment from the oncology centre.

One difference between the sources was perception of exercise. The healthcare team working with cancer patients in London were keen to emphasise that getting up from a seated position, only to return immediately, was considered to be exercise. The team were very well aware of how scary exercise can seem. The author sounded like a marathon runner to me.

What do you do that is new? It is easy and comfortable to get into a routine isn’t it? I can think of loads of things that I don’t like doing –circuits, being cold, having my photo taken, swimming. I really don’t want to do them. Luckily, top of the list of beneficial activities for the brain was……..talking to strangers. Home and dry.

My next planned speaking to lots of strangers event is next week. I have been invited to speak at an event organised by Beauty Stack which explores the role of beauty in the treatment for cancer. This is a free event in London – please join us if you can. Francesca Abery and Fiona Coldron from the charity Something to Look Forward To are also speaking at the event.

Amongst other things (I have no idea what as it is mainly a Q and A session) I will be speaking about our massage for cancer patients accredited qualifications. Many of the therapists we welcome to  our Oncology Massage Diploma Courses tell us that learning new information as well as new skills is one of the best parts of the experience. Other best parts include making a real difference to someone going through treatment for cancer.

Bonus for attendees – improved cognitive function – what’s not to love?

Sending talkative strangers


Oncology Massage:
LONDON – 23rd March 2020
LONDON – 20th April 2020 (1 place remaining)
MANCHESTER – 19th May 2020

Face and Body Treatments:
LONDON – 11th + 12th May 2020

Rejuvenating and Lifting Facial:
MANCHESTER – 29th April 2020

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