Online workshops – oncology massage and specialist skincare for cancer patients

I did it – I managed to have an interactive Zoom session. I had a virtual white board that everyone could see and I managed (whilst still breathing) to share a presentation. I felt like doing a lap of honour; indeed the first thing I wrote on the white board was ‘Get me’. The session was a skincare for cancer patients workshop, hosted by the wonderful Ovacome – a charity for those affected by ovarian cancer.

I am not a great fan of video calls and conferencing. Whilst I am still not a fan, it is growing on me. I will be online on Monday 20th April leading our accredited Post Graduate Diploma in Oncology Massage. I have some spaces left –– you are very welcome to join me. You will be sent all of the learning materials that would usually be given out on the day, in good time. We have some sophisticated online resources (would you get me) and I am confident that you will learn lots and have fun. I don’t normally lead, or even attend, our face to face training sessions. This is a great opportunity for me to meet folk and for you all to ask me lots of very tricky questions (feel the pressure).

Therapists who have already qualified with us are welcome to join foc in order to refresh their learning (and to ask the tricky questions). If you are qualified with us and would like to join, please let us know. You will need your course materials, we won’t be able to send more (the printers is closed).

My earlier technical triumph has inspired me – the long awaited ‘Control of cross infection in the post COVID world’ is scheduled for 1400 on 24th April (it’s going to be a busy week). if you are already on the guest list, I will send you an invite to the ‘meeting’ and if you would like to join the guest list, please let us know.

Hope to see you soon,
Sending new skills

All planned courses will be delivered online (by me) with full face to face refresher as soon as we are able to welcome you to a training centre.

Oncology Massage:
LONDON – 20th April 2020
MANCHESTER – 19th May 2020

Face and Body Treatments:
LONDON – 11th + 12th May 2020

Rejuvenating and Lifting Facial:
MANCHESTER – 29th April 2020

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