My gut has my back – oncology massage intuition

We are recruiting. There is a lot happening; more bodies are required.

Before I ran a business, I imagined that recruitment would be easy – we operate in an area of relatively high unemployment, close to a University; we train all of our team – no prior knowledge is required. We recruit for attitude and self-belief rather than experience.

Anyone who employs others will realise my naivety.  A lack of suitable candidates is the biggest challenge we face (and, when you consider the challenges we have faced, it is not inconsiderable).

We have a zillion applicants, very few answer the call for the initial telephone screen and even fewer turn up for interview. Nikki is leading the recruitment drive – we chat about the candidates and she is asked to tell us about her gut reaction. It decides the fate of many.

So much for science.

I listen to my gut all of the time, it knows things that I don’t. Feelings help me decide who to trust, I have walked away from potentially huge collaborations as something didn’t feel right. My gut has my back. So much so that I don’t question it. I just listen.

There are times when I am staggered by the accuracy of observations made about me by those who barely know me. These kind words landed yesterday, written by a gorgeous lady with whom I had spent an hour or so.

We share the belief that we are truly blessed in being instrumental in smoothing the paths of those in close proximity.

I am not sure how she divined this during our meeting. Her gut must have been on high alert as she was distracted by having a facial and a pedicure at the same time. She is right- I am truly blessed.

Soon, we will be blessed by ‘can do’ applicants.

Sending attitude


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