Massage for cancer – training for healthcare professionals

I need help.

I have been asked to create some video training materials for healthcare professionals. Even better, we have been given some money to fund the activity. A UK University recognised the need for healthcare professionals to be educated in the non-cancer needs of those affected by cancer. We are their solution, which is great and enormously flattering, but I do need help.

I have been asked to deliver something but have no brief. I can do whatever I feel is necessary. I have too many ideas and I need to narrow them down. Can you help? You are all super experienced and worldly. Therapists are famously frustrated with mainstream medicine – what do you think they need to know? I have a blank canvass and need to fill it.

We have started the project. I have 9 hours of film to edit into manageable chunks covering a diversity of issues including experiences of the appearance related side-effects of treatment for cancer and more general cancer patient conversations.

I have a significant number of additional hours to fill – what would you do given this opportunity? All ideas are most welcome. Please do let us know.

I will have plenty of opportunity to consider my options next week as the Family Young relocate to a French beach for half term. I won’t be in touch whilst I am away. The Fountain Pen will pass to new Training School Manager, Beth, she will tell you all about her and her first few months at JY. I will be back with you before too long.

Sending sun, sea, sand, bike rides and a few sneaky glasses


Oncology Massage
London – 20th April 2020
Manchester – 19th May 2020

Face & Body Treatments
London – 11th – 12th May 2020

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