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Weavers’ House Spa is located in the heart of Suffolk, situated amongst beautiful countryside and old medieval buildings in the historic town of Lavenham. Weavers’ House Spa started offering adapted oncology treatments in June 2016, because they wanted to make sure all clients had the opportunity to feel pampered and amazing. The spa chose to offer adapted oncology treatments after noticing an increase in clients affected by cancer and wanted to ensure that they had a nourishing treatment to offer every client.

Clients have responded very well to Weavers’ House Spa’s new addition of adapted oncology massage treatments, using light touch. The spa has been able to use their knowledge from training with Jennifer Young to inform their clients of cancer massage techniques, and why it is important to use a light touch for these massage treatments. Sometimes clients wish to have a deeper pressure applied during oncology massage, but once they learn about and experience the light touch technique, they understand that it is an extremely nourishing, relaxing treatment that will leave them feeling truly pampered.

One client said this of the spa’s addition of adapted treatments for those affected by cancer:

“It is wonderful to find a spa that has taken the trouble to provide specialised training and products for cancer patients, so that we too are able to enjoy the benefits they can provide. The experience left me feeling totally comforted, relaxed and pampered. I was particularly impressed with the products used which left my skin feeling wonderful. I did in fact receive several comments on how good I looked! Thank you so much Weavers’ House Spa – I will be back for further pampering!”

The therapists at Weavers’ House Spa were extremely happy that the spa gave them the opportunity to train in adapted oncology massage and became interested in understanding more about performing treatments for clients at varying stages of cancer.

The spa ran a launch campaign in the press, online, and in the spa itself. They have been able to gain better understanding of the marketing methods required with adapted oncology massage treatments, and are learning different ways to communicate with clients affected by cancer, without focusing on the negative, and aiming to provide nourishing treatments that offer some time to escape and de-stress.

To view the specialised Touch Therapies spa menu at Weavers’ House Spa, click here

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