Spas – accredited oncology massage course and cancer beauty qualifications

The Jennifer Young Accredited ‘Spa Welcome’ Diploma allows you welcome those living with and beyond cancer into your salon or spa and be insured to do so.

We show you how to adapt your skills so that you never have to turn anyone away and give you the ability to work confidently and safely with those affected by cancer. Our first step is to acknowledge and address the fears that your therapist team may be experiencing as a result of their previous qualifications.

You will learn:

–  How to integrate the spa welcome into your existing spa systems

–  How your therapists can adapt their skills in order to deliver a complete treatment menu to those affected by cancer

–  How to remove the fear of causing harm to those undergoing treatment for cancer

You will discover

–  The research that shows adapted touch therapies are not harmful

–  The evidence that proves what you already intuitively know – touch therapies provide endless benefits to those living with and beyond cancer

–  More about the physical and emotional challenges faced by your new clients and how best to work taking them into account


We provide a flexible and engaging education programme to ensure therapists are trained to the highest level. Training is carried out by experienced, specialist tutors.

Our training is comprehensive, accredited and certified. Therapists are required to complete a case study during the training. We do all possible to assist with the acquisition of case studies and we do not anticipate difficulties in finding the required number. Our tutor also works with the rest of your team to ensure that the consent process integrates into your existing systems.

Pre-course learning is sent to all delegates two weeks prior to course commencement. Full post-qualification support is included in the course cost.

To find out more about our Spa Welcome Qualifications click here

To book please contact the office on 0800 999 8518

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