Rethinking – oncology massage in hospitals

This week has been spent out and about and learning – a great combination. The sun was shining and there was cake. I went to Yorkshire, primarily to deliver some accredited oncology massage training to Macmillan therapists at an NHS cancer centre. It is always a joy to work within the NHS. Learning is a wonderful benefit of teaching (hopefully the delegates learnt something too).

I also met with Kush Kumar– the founder of the new professional body ‘Think Tree Hub’. He has previously worked in education and was chair of another professional body for about 15 years.
Kush decided to rethink the purpose of a professional body and came up with Think Tree, an innovative membership, education and wellness hub for individuals, trainers, practitioners, medics and wellness professionals from every background.  Think Tree offers membership and insurance, informative news, free mini business courses as well as products. It was fascinating for me to hear how Kush looked at the industry and decided to change it. It is his mission to place the Think Tree members at the centre of his work.
Kush has very kindly offered you a membership discount code (ttmws).
The Jennifer Young qualifications are accredited by Think Tree (as well as  FHT). As soon as I get my IT act together you will see more of us on Think Tree Hub.

I returned, from Yorkshire, to a very busy office – I have no idea why my colleagues were unimpressed by my Instagram posts of  meetings with cake.

They are busy organising a lot of spa training. We always welcome models to the spas we work with – if you would like to join us, or know someone who would like an afternoon of pampering, please do get in touch. Models have to have been diagnosed with cancer. Most spas invite models to have a treatment and to use the facilities, lunch is often included. We have spaces available in London, Oxfordshire, Manchester, Edinburgh and Belfast.

Sending reflection, change and cake


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