Planes, trains and sleep for those affected by cancer

Edinburgh one day and Cornwall the next – could my destinations have been much further apart?

I was in Edinburgh watch my eldest complete her first half marathon. I am in Cornwall supporting specialist oncology therapy training at St Moritz, our newest spa partner.

I arrived on Monday evening to be met by a very sleepy looking spa director. Her skin was glowing and she looked like she needed her bed – a sure sign that she had been the model during the training. It doesn’t sound exhausting but a balanced body and mind massage and a lifting and rejuvenating facial can lead to extreme sleep. It is quite hard to stay awake when delivering the treatment, almost impossible when receiving.

‘I fell asleep. I NEVER fall asleep when everyone if watching the treatment. I couldn’t believe it’

Anna, our lovely tutor and I were not at all surprised. Jennifer Young Treatments make people sleep.  Our greatest sleep success was a therapist who had not had sleep in 24 years – until Day 1 of her Jennifer Young Spa Training. A cancer diagnosis and the subsequent treatment can make sleep elusive – we want folk to relax and we love it when they snore.

In keeping with the sleep theme we have curated a Jennifer Young Sleep Collection  – our most restful specialist skincare products.

What are your tips for a good 10 hours? We’d love to hear what you do to ensure a restful night. Please let us know, we will share our favourite hints and tips next week.  If we share yours you will receive a sleep inducing something special in the post.

Sending zzzzzs


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