Out and about and listening – new oncology massage training

Fits and starts would be a good way to describe my week. I have been out and about at various events.

I learn so much when I get out and chat.  I’ve been inspired to do all kinds of things, including create a new course. Would you like to join us? We are running a one time only – touch therapies with crystals course. It combines Oncology Massage, Balanced Body and Mind and Lifting and Rejuvenating Facial. The course will be held in London 8-9 July 2019. This qualification will take 5 days to complete, 2 of the days will be spent with Anna, our fabulous tutor, the other three days are supported distance learning. All of these beautiful therapies have an  emphasis is on rest and recovery. They allow you to welcome and support those affected by cancer and can be enjoyed by all of your other clients too. Our offer price for the course is £550 (the usual price for three accredited qualifications is £750). Join us – we’d love to see you.

My inspiration has come from my travels. It was a pleasure to join the Country Club evening at Ragdale Hall, our very first UK spa. I trained almost every member of staff when they started offering our massage for cancer patients, and all of the other Jennifer Young specialist spa therapies. It was the first place that I saw our specialist skincare for cancer patients holding its own on shiny shelves next to other huge and well known spa brands. It was slightly surreal. I know so many people at Ragdale ; it feels like going home.

I also attended the Shine Cancer Support Conference in London. I have known Shine since the very beginning. I recommend them every time I meet someone who has been affected by cancer in their 20’s, 30’s or 40’s. They are such a fun charity, irreverence at its best. I had a great time, catching up with folk I haven’t seen for years and being told how wonderful my skincare is. It was an extremely affirming experience. I hope they invite me next year.

Sending newly released course dates (below)

Oncology Massage

London – 10th June 2019

Manchester – 24th June 2019

London  – 29th July 2019

Manchester  – 2nd September 2019

London  – 10th September 2019

Leicester – 1st November 2019

Manchester – 21st November 2019

London – 2nd December 2019

Manchester 11th December 2019
Oncology Massage, Lifting & Rejuvenating Facial, Balanced Body and Mind

London – 8th & 9th July 2019 (Can be booked by contacting the office only)


Face & Body Treatments

Manchester – 15th & 16th July 2019

London – 16th & 17th September 2019

London  25th – 26th Novemner 2019


London – 18th November 2019

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