New premises, new website and new tutors – oncology massage training in Manchester

Thank you for your kind words about our new website We have been working on it for 9 months. It isn’t finished yet but we like it and wanted to share. Hopefully it will make it easier to book courses and enable us to tell others of your stories and good work.

It seems as though everything is new – we have a new Manchester venue and, Amanda, one of our new tutors is running our first course there. Please join Amanda for her first Northern Post Graduate Diploma in Oncology Face and Body Treatments on 16-17 October. The course includes four separate Post Graduate Oncology Therapy Qualifications – Oncology Massage, Oncology Balanced Body and Mind, Oncology Hand, Nail and Foot Treatments and Oncology Holistic Facial. There are two tutor contact days (16-17 October) during this 6 day qualification – you can complete your pre course learning and case studies during your own time and submit your work at your leisure.

Everyone on this course (including Amanda) will receive a welcome to the new venue giftbook your place using our shiny new website so that you can meet our shiny new tutor and see our shiny new City Centre venue. Yep, the gift will be shiny and new too.

I am also pleased to announce that we are coming to Belfast. Yes, I know, I was just there, having a ball teaching an FHT Cancer Awareness Course. We are coming back, in early November, to offer a Post Graduate Diploma in Oncology Massage in Belfast. Please contact us if you would like more details.

I am bursting to tell you some more super exciting news that we received this week but I can’t. Hopefully soon. It is SERIOUSLY fabulous and means I can invite you to a party – sssshhhh.

Sending new secrets

Oncology Massage

Leicester – 1st November 2019

Manchester – 21st November 2019

London – 2nd December 2019

Manchester – 11 December 2019

Face & Body Treatments

Manchester 16 & 17 October 2019

London 25th – 26th November 2019


London – 18th November 2019

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