Life lessons from Lions; champagne, cake and oncology massage

South Africa. I like it there. I had no idea that it was so diverse and beautiful. When can I go back?

Do you know they have penguins? Just hanging out on the beach; being penguins. Ostriches are everywhere.  I saw a giraffe as my lovely husband drove us into Cape Town, no special driving route,  just a road. This was the UK equivalent of a giraffe pottering about in a field at the side of the M6. I was ridiculously excited and, typically, quite vocal, whilst on a work call to Kush from Think Tree, who had no idea I was away. Imagine his confusion.

‘There’s a giraffe, no way!! Look!! Can we turn around? A giraffe!’

Where are you Jennifer?

(additional noises of awe and joy)

(more forcefully) Jennifer, where are you?’

I learned a lot in RSA. You know me and my reflective tendencies. My most startling revelation came whilst on safari (darling).

This may seem obvious to you but, previously it wasn’t obvious to me

(drum roll please)

Predators behave like predators and prey behave like prey.

I agree, startling insight……let’s talk lions, I got closer to lions than any person should ever get, great big, huge, wild, scary lions with enormous teeth and sharp claws.

They knew I was there (I was the closest person to them) and they were damn cool about it.

When we stumbled across these 3 fully grown male lions, they were napping, on their backs, legs in the air, belly fully exposed. Not a care in the world. We waited with them as they awoke, cast numerous appraising glances in my direction, roared to protect their territory and swaggered off.

Now, let’s talk prey.

Prey behave like prey, all of the time, even when there is no threat.  They never look damn cool about anything.

I can see how this is appropriate in the African bush; now I have observed it there, it see it in lots of other situations. You have seen it too – you know those people who look extremely uncomfortable in meetings or attend conferences communicating, non-verbally,  that they are not worthy? All wide eyed and twitchy. Those who are a quiet that is driven by fear and not a quiet driven by confidence?


Those people who stand tall, laugh loud, show their bellies (come on, we have all seen them).


I stood my ground when waaay too close to real lions. It was life changing. What can scare me now? To be fair, not much scared me before, but now, oh boy, now……  I’m the lion.

Beware my appraising glance.

Onto champagne, it must be time….one of my gorgeous girls is 18, this week, we have the, now traditional, 70 for champagne and cake at our house on Saturday.

When that is out of the way, along with the other C, normal service will resume.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our oncology massage accredited qualifications in 2020.

Between now and then, we are rarely here. I hope that you won’t here too much either – if you have a dull moment, practice getting your belly out.

Sending lion love with every joy for the festive season and 2020.


Oncology Massage

Manchester – 13th January 2020
London  – 27th January 2020
Manchester – 10th February 2020
London  – 18th February 2020
Manchester – 9th March 2020
London  – 23rd March 2020
Manchester – 1st  April 2020
London  – 20th April 2020
Manchester – 19th May 2020
London  – 26th May 2020

Face & Body Treatments

London –  3rd – Tuesday 4th February 2020
Manchester –  24th – Tuesday 25th February 2020
London –  11th – 12th May 2020

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