Jennifer Young oncology massage-trained therapists “the most empathetic and professional in any spa environment”

“After a good 1-1 discussion about our individual needs we had beautiful and gentle massages with the new products and I must say we both agreed that the way we were both addressed pre-treatment was the most empathetic and professional in any spa environment.”

Nell, from Leicestershire came to Ragdale Hall’s Health Hydro and Thermal spa, Jennifer Young’s first health spa partner, in 2015. Nell was living with secondary metastatic breast cancer, affecting her bones, lungs and shoulders. Nell came to Ragdale Hall with her friend Sam who had previously been diagnosed with primary breast cancer. Nell and Sam were delighted to see that Ragdale Hall’s Health Hydro and Thermal spa offered oncology massage and other cancer beauty therapies.

“It seemed just up our street and so important that our sensitive skin – due to chemo treatment for me and surgery for my friend- was the first priority.”

Nell and Sam received individual consultations with their therapists, to ensure that they each received an oncology massage treatment adapted to meet their specific needs.

At Jennifer Young, it is incredibly important to us to ensure every client is given a nourishing, gentle treatment adapted to meet their needs and address their concerns, to reduce the side-effects of some cancer treatments.

We want clients like Nell and Sam to feel safe, understood, and gorgeous.

“We need nurturing and kind, loving experiences to make our journeys easier as life can get very difficult at times…We could talk about the cancer without shock, upset, sadness, embarrassment or fear from the staff – which is not uncommon. They had clearly had fantastic training and it really showed.”

Partnering with the Jennifer Young Training School allows spas to open their doors to individuals like Nell and Sam, who are living with and beyond cancer, removing the fear of providing touch therapies to cancer patients. The Jennifer Young Training School can train your therapists to be confident working with those affected by cancer, making them feel comfortable and pampered. Our natural and organic products along with professional postgraduate oncology massage training work hand-in-hand to improve the side effects associated with cancer and cancer treatments.

Partnering with us means that you too can give individuals like Nell and Sam the means to feel “back in the normal world”.

The Jennifer Young Training School offers accredited cancer massage courses and other accredited oncology therapy courses to spas and individual therapists. Please contact us for more information.

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