Jennifer Young – more exciting than G spot injectables – it’s official

We are nearing the end of the scheduled training dates for 2019. Give the office team a shout if you would like to join us for the remaining Post Graduate Diploma in Oncology Massage or Post Graduate Diploma in Oncology Face and Body Treatments.  I am teaching the FHT cancer awareness course in York on 1 December.  We have lots of courses planned for 2020 . You are most welcome anytime.

I am becoming a lady who lunches. Yes, me, whoever would have thought it? Not me. I have a run of meetings;  every day for about 10 days (I write from the train). Happily, each meeting is somewhere close to one of my friends. Lunch, or at least a cuppa, is in the diary. Different friend, different city, different day. I am living the life.

Friday saw me in Manchester for a meeting with an NHS healthcare team. Afterwards I met with my friend Karen. We discussed her daughter’s job hunt.


‘she had an interview with an aesthetics clinic but I think they wanted someone more mature, it was telesales for face lifts’

‘that’s a shame. I have a meeting with one of those clinics next week. They do all kinds of surgery’

‘for your face or your products?’

I’m not so keen on this lunch thing anymore.

I have now delivered my skincare and therapies for cancer patients talk to the surgical clinic managers – their verdict?

‘This is more exciting than G spot injectables!!!’

Let’s see what Mr Young has to say about that shall we?

Sending the clinic details (if you want them….)




 PS I really did write this on the train, a packed train,  never have I been more protective of screen privacy. This is a conversation I don’t want to have.

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Manchester – 13th January 2020

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