I was prepared for the cancer treatment but not an instant menopause at 43

I was prepared for the cancer treatment but not an instant menopause at 43.

Jo, mum of two, was 43 when her cancer symptoms first started to manifest themselves, bleeding so heavy that she was unable to continue to work as well as excruciating pain.  Jo was refused treatment for nearly 12 months, despite being ‘barely able to function’.

It took and emergency admission to hospital for the bleeding and pressure from Jo’s wonderful GP to persuade Jo’s hospital team to perform a partial hysterectomy.

Two weeks after the long-awaited surgery came the diagnosis – womb cancer. A transfer to another hospital, a further op and radiotherapy followed.

Like many female cancers, Jo’s womb cancer was oestrogen positive. Her surgery had plunged her into an instant menopause. There was no slow descent into the menopausal symptoms suffered by many, one day Jo was not menopausal and the next her menopause was complete.

‘I wasn’t really prepared or the instant menopause and effects of radiotherapy, I found myself getting increasingly irritable and frustrated. The effects that the cancer treatment had on my skin, making it dry, itchy and sore, just added to my problems. Some days I felt like I could have ripped my skin off, my scalp was terrible too; I would make it bleed from scratching.

I suffered this horrible skin for 6 months until I discovered Defiant Beauty. Nothing before had helped, I had tried so many products.  I found Defiant Beauty Itchy Skin Oil as some of the ladies on the marvellous Womb Cancer Support UK group had been discussing it.  I never looked back. I have to admit I was sceptical at first, but the oil worked immediately, no word of a lie, it was instant, by the time I had finished applying it, my skin felt soothed, calmer, relieved.

“Itchy skin oil is THE best product I have ever purchased. I have recommended it to lots of women, not just cancer sufferers, it is just wonderful.”

by Jo

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