“I haven’t wanted to go for a ‘normal’ massage in case I break down but with this I know that I am understood.”

Kerry, aged 50, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000. By 2010, Kerry had received multiple cancer treatments, including a lumpectomy, FEC chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, as well as undergoing a mastectomy. In 2013, though, Kerry was also diagnosed with secondary metastatic cancer. Kerry then underwent a oophorectomy a year later. Her most recent check-up before meeting with therapist Dawn revealed that her illness was stable, but the stress of recent years had taken its toll on her physical and emotional wellbeing.

Kerry wanted to have a soothing, relaxing specialist oncology massage to relieve some of her stress, and to help with her problems sleeping. Kerry explained to Dawn that she had never been offered complimentary therapies whilst she was going through her cancer treatments, and after seeing the benefits of adapted cancer massage treatments, wished she had been introduced to them much sooner.

She also told Dawn that she felt much more at ease because of her specific cancer massage training. Jennifer Young’s postgraduate oncology course training is designed specifically to provide safe, nourishing treatments for those affected by cancer. We don’t compromise on quality of care; all our therapists are professional, understanding, and want to give clients the opportunity to enjoy a ‘normal’ spa treatment without judgement or fear.


Kerry was delighted that she could enjoy a massage where she felt safe and cared for at the gentle hands of therapist Dawn..

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Sleep Ritual. The whole experience made me feel special and helped me relax. Dawn has a total understanding of what it feels like to be living with cancer which is a credit to her. I will definitely have the treatment again as I know it will help me so much around the time I have my scans. I am so glad I have discovered this Sleep Ritual as I have wanted this for ages but didn’t realise it was available. I haven’t wanted to go for a ‘normal’ massage in case I break down but with this I know that I am understood.”


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