Cornwall, here we come; Staffordshire, here we come, way sooner than we expected

We love October half term, it includes two daughter birthdays and Halloween. It is the best week. Cake features massively and we have a holiday.

Last year was surfing in Cornwall, the sun was shining and the surf was up, it was glorious. This year was Cornwall again, for approx. 24 hours – we had planned to be there for 5 days. No surfing this time. We arrived, after our 5h drive, to sunshine and sand. Luckily we made the most if it. Within 24h we were heading back up the motorway.

We have experienced another medical emergency of the canine kind, requiring us to return home. At least we are in our own kitchen when baking the cake – my kitchen is like my bed, always good to get back to, no matter how wonderful the time away.

I have had some interesting emails in the last week – how is your purpose? If you are struggling with it, don’t fret – you are not alone; surprising as you are so genuinely purposeful. All of the therapists I meet are driven by the desire to do good and make a difference. As you think of ways by which to define your purpose, start with what you hope to achieve.

In the next few days, what do I want to achieve? Birthday cake, cinema and a family curry night out – my purpose changes at half term. I will return to skincare for cancer patients and accredited training in oncology massage soon enough – for now, I have a request for a coconut and avocado chocolate cake with a summer fruit topping. I kid you not; coconut and avocado; how did that happen?

At least I don’t have to make the curry.

Sending imagination and success


*I didn’t know either – he is a Kung Fu hero

Oncology Massage

Manchester – 13th January 2020
London  – 27th January 2020
Manchester – 10th February 2020
London  – 18th February 2020
Manchester – 9th March 2020
London  – 23rd March 2020
Manchester – 1st  April 2020
London  – 20th April 2020
Manchester – 19th May 2020
London  – 26th May 2020

Face & Body Treatments

London –  3rd – Tuesday 4th February 2020
Manchester –  24th – Tuesday 25th February 2020
London –  11th – 12th May 2020

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