Comfortable celebrity and spa treatments for cancer patients

Self-perception and self-limiting beliefs are funny things aren’t they? We were delivering accredited spa training at Soho Farm last week. Soho House has a reputation for discretion and as such, welcome (according to rumour) some very distinguished guests (as well as me). I was chatting to the therapists about others who have left since my last visit ‘she has gone to XXXX. It is very posh there’ which really made me smile. Soho House is SO comfortable in its own celebrity that the team don’t even notice it.

The therapists, are, like most that we train, completely  fabulous. One of the ladies (healing and talented hands) mentioned that she hadn’t applied for her post for years as she believed that her accent would prevent her from getting the job. Of course, when she applied, she got the gig.

You probably know that I don’t have many limits (my daughters really wish I had more limits, and a filter). I am firmly of the belief that we can do anything, that is how we have accredited oncology touch therapy qualifications and specialist skincare collections. Maybe that is why we can work with wonderful clients like Soho House and many others.

I am away for the next two weeks, climbing a mountain (another day, another mountain). I have two wonderful and interesting guest writers ready to chat with you – I hope you enjoy. I will report back with mountain tales in the middle of June. If you miss me, you can, no doubt, find some holiday pics on Instagram.

Sending summertime snow

Oncology Massage

London – 10th June 2019

Manchester – 24th June 2019

London  – 29th July 2019

Manchester  – 2nd September 2019

London  – 10th September 2019

Leicester – 1st November 2019

Manchester – 21st November 2019

London – 2nd December 2019

Manchester 11th December 2019
Face & Body Treatments

Manchester – 15th & 16th July 2019

London – 16th & 17th September 2019

London  25th – 26th November 2019


London – 18th November 2019

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