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Katie, 30, from Leicester was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2015. Consultations and treatments to treat the affected area had caused Katie a great deal of stress, as she was juggling her diagnosis and treatments with her busy lifestyle and job which required constant travel. She had lost confidence and become self-conscious about showing her body where she had scar tissue after having skin removal in 2016.


When she met with adapted oncology massage-trained therapist Claire, she was concerned about having a cancer massage treatment due to fears that it was not safe, and feeling uncomfortable about exposing the area of her body which had been treated. She was also having side-effects from the cancer treatment which had left her with dry skin, as well as tightness and scarring.


For the initial treatment, Katie’s therapist gave her an adapted oncology scalp massage treatment, paying extra attention to her shoulders and neck at Katie’s request. The problem Katie had prior to receiving the treatment, regarding feeling uncomfortable to expose her scarred skin, was completely eradicated once she had experienced the gentle oncology massage treatment provided by Claire. Katie was able to feel safe and cherished, and looked forward to her next treatment with Claire.


Claire was delighted that she was able to provide Katie with a safe, relaxing environment and cancer massage treatment, that had encouraged her to gain more confidence in her appearance

“I am really happy to be giving a relaxing treatment for Katie in preparation of her week ahead (referring to an upcoming skin removal cancer treatment). Although Katie had a full head of hair and the cancer treatment she is receiving does not affect hair loss, we discussed the best type of treatment to suit her needs best.

Katie was very nervous about having a treatment and also self-conscious about exposing her scar tissue. I explained the treatments, adapted light touch therapy, and showed her the products, then explained the benefits to her. Katie now felt a lot more comfortable with both me and the expectation of having a treatment.

I was glad to put her mind at ease as I knew she would benefit from the scalp treatment. I was able to adapt my technique to avoid product in hair (at Katie’s request) but apply oil where necessary. Even after one treatment there was a huge difference in Katie’s skin texture and condition. And the fact she revealed her scar tissue to me, I could tell she feels less conscious about it now. I was pleased to give her some skin care advice and thrilled she has booked to have another treatment.”


Forming trustful relationships between therapists and clients, where therapists help individuals build their confidence up again after experiencing the side effects of cancer and treatments, is one of the most important elements and purposes of the Jennifer Young Training School oncology courses. We want our therapists and clients to share positive experiences in a safe environment, providing clients with the confidence to feel gorgeous.



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