Appearance Advice Line

Appearance Advice Line

Use our free appearance advice line we can help you to ‘Recognise Yourself’.

Our appearance advice line can support you as you go through treatment.

Cancer treatment results in a changed appearance for many, often causing hair loss, damage to nails as well as dry, sore, itchy, sensitive skin1. Many are ill prepared for some of the side-effects1. Research shows that patients are concerned about these changes and see it as a ‘constant reminder of illness and a marker of difference’2

We worked with cancer patients, survivors and an NHS nursing team to create Defiant Beauty, a skincare and cosmetics range formulated to help combat the skin and nail related side-effects of chemotherapy. Beauty Despite Cancer, our blog, has an international writing team of appearance experts.

Since the beauty brands were launched in September 2012 the team have answered many appearance related questions from women desperate to recognise themselves.

It is clear from the kind of questions we are asked that women do not know of the many simple ‘hints and tips’ that can help them to recognise themselves as they go through treatment. We decided to launch the appearance advice line to support cancer patients through what can be a terrible time.

We have many experts on the team. Anyone calling the appearance advice line will be put in touch with the expert best able to help them, be that a stylist, a make-up artist, a wig fitter or a skincare consultant.

The Appearance Advice Line Freephone number is 0800 999 8518. Calls are answered between 0900-1700 and callers are matched with the expert best able to help them.

Or contact us with any questions you may have



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