Adapted oncology massage helps those affected by cancer “unwind and enjoy” time to themselves

Diana, 51, was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, which had spread to form metastases in her spine, in 2014. Diana led a fit and healthy lifestyle, regularly exercising and working full-time when she was met with this shock diagnosis, and went on to receive radiotherapy and calcium injections after one of her prescription medications was no longer working for her. In 2016, a mass was found in the sacral area of Diana’s hip, and so radiotherapy treatments were administered once again. Diana was also due to travel abroad for some trial treatments.

When she met with therapist Claire, Diana wanted help with pain management in her muscles and bones, as well as to promote positive well being and relaxation. Radiotherapy treatments had also left Diana with dry skin and thinning hair. Claire could see that Diana led a very busy and active lifestyle, and wanted to help aid relaxation by offering her an adapted oncology reflexology treatment. Diana felt extremely relaxed during and after her treatment, and told her therapist that, after working all week, it had hugely helped her to wind down and enjoy her day off much more than she usually would. She also felt rejuvenated and energised thanks to Claire’s nourishing oncology reflexology treatment.

“Diana enjoys reflexology and likes firm pressure however she understood the reasons for ‘light touch’, I think she will try anything to help improve her aches and pains that she suffers. I was a little apprehensive about working on the areas where she has bone metastases and was cautious with my pressure. I proceeded very slowly and very gently.

I feel Diana found the second much needed, due to mainly her having a ‘pain day’ and areas of tenderness on the spinal areas. I definitely felt this on the second treatment, this could have been due to her overdoing her week with work, social and gym activities.

I still made sure her treatment was as relaxing as possible. I also hope Diana takes up the future recommendations as these would be beneficial for her wellbeing.”


Claire could tell that Diana’s busy lifestyle was contributing to her stress and pain, and encouraged her to try to relax when she isn’t working. Claire used her intuitive, interactive course training to provide Diana with a soothing oncology massage treatment and offered her further specialist aftercare advice on how she could achieve similar relaxation to what she had experienced during her oncology massage treatment in the comfort of her own home.


Find out more about how you can help those affected by cancer. View our adapted oncology massage courses on the Jennifer Young Training School page, or contact us for more information.


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