A week in bed and touch therapies for those affected by cancer

‘I could do with a week in bed’

I thought this often during crazy Christmas, both in the busy at work run up to the big day and during the holidays. I should be careful what I wish for. I am on day 7, maybe day 8, of being in bed. My cold has, quite literally, knocked me from my feet and taken my voice. As the week progresses I begin to feel better, but only if I stay in bed. I lie here thinking, ‘I feel ok, I’ll take the dog for a walk’  realising my misplaced optimism as I shuffle, breathless, to the bathroom.

No matter, I fully intend to be at Roslin Beach Hotel tomorrow; they are hosting a Jennifer Young Treatments launch event and I am on the guest list. It looks like just the place to recouperate.

Sadly, my lovely husband is back in the US and unable to join me at the party. I feel that the US is the best place for him. My cough is loud, persistent and nocturnal. The lost voice would not be compensation enough.

Sending energy and noise


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