“It was over all too soon, but the effects were enjoyed for a much longer period.”

Semi-retired and self-employed for 20 years, London-native Peter was a generally healthy man. At 67, he hadn’t suffered with any health related problems other than slightly elevated blood pressure, until 2016, when a routine bowel cancer screening returned 2 abnormal results. This was a huge shock to Peter, who had been having the screening for three years with clear results.


Peter underwent surgery to remove multiple polyps from the affected area. Peter was experiencing a great deal of stress as a consequence of the operations, and anxiety while he awaited more results. Peter felt extremely overwhelmed and was finding it difficult to cope with his normal life when he agreed to be a case study for one of our Jennifer Young postgraduate therapists, Nancy.

“The stress and uncertainty of the present time gave me doubt that the massage would achieve much, but the treatment given proved to be very relaxing, beneficial, and comforting. Not easily done! As with earlier occasions when I have received a massage from Nancy, it was over all too soon, but the effects were enjoyed for a much longer period. Much enjoyed and appreciated.”


Peter was able to relax for the first time in months since receiving his results and undergoing multiple surgeries. This is a central aim of all therapists trained by Jennifer Young oncology course tutors. We want those living with and beyond cancer to be able to experience and enjoy oncology massage treatments in a safe, positive environment, where they feel accepted and cherished.


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